Triaxial Motorized

This is a Motorized version of my original Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Make. The two major changes are that this version uses stepper motors to driver the carrier, and it incorporates the Triaxial Quartz Movement Upgrade. However, there are many other subtle differences from the original Triaxial design.

Here is a time lapse version of the design,

and a real-time video

It seems like Jacob and Co never makes the exact same watch twice. There are almost as many variations of Astromomia watch, as there are pictures of it on the web. I based this Motorized version on the model of the Jacob and Co. Astromomia watch in this video:

Most of the clock face parts will be the same as those in the Quartz Upgrade, this design includes a version of the clock face (Clock Face w Embedded Numerals) that can be printed in 2 colors, where the second color determines the color of the numerals.

The Moon model is a remix from:

The Earth model is a remix from:

And the my original Triaxial make was a remix of A26’s design:

His design provided the inspiration for this design, however I have redesigned every part.

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